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Financial Management Solutions Designed for Trust Administrators
There’s a reason so many Special Needs Trust and Pooled Trust administrators partner with True Link to better serve people with disabilities. True Link understands the critical work you do for your beneficiaries, both by protecting their access to benefits and helping them have full, meaningful lives. That’s why True Link offers financial management solutions uniquely tailored to your – and your beneficiaries’ – needs.
You already use the True Link Protection Visa® Prepaid Card to empower beneficiaries and their advocates to make approved purchases from their trust, without stepping outside of Social Security guidelines. It’s easy to configure card settings and pull records of all purchases and spending parameters.
Dozens of pooled trusts also use True Link’s investment advisory services, recordkeeping platform, and beneficiary portal built especially for pooled SNTs. You can save time on administrative tasks while enhancing the services you offer to your beneficiaries.